Welcome To Our Community!

Sunset in Key West

Key West Golf Club Homeowners Association is a private residential community nestled among the fairways and greens of the Key West Golf Club.  Developer Pritam Singh started building the community in 1996.  There are 390 homes in this planed unit development of varying size built over approximately 46.5 acres.  Amenities include a resort pool, a small pool, a playground, butterfly garden and community center that houses a fitness center, restrooms, association office and association meeting space.

NOTICE:Important information regarding IRMA recovery including food, water, shelters, aid, utilities, re-entry, etc. may be found at www.keysrecovery.org.


One week since IRMA came ashore in the Keys, progress has been made in assessing the damage and beginning restoration efforts.  Please be aware conditions are very primitive.  We would like to encourage everyone who does not live here this time of year to stay away until October 1 for these reasons:

Note that this is the situation as of September 19 and conditions will change. Please check www.keysrecovery.org for the latest information.

  1. Most houses in the complex appear to have minor, if any, damage. Over the next few days Randy Niles, our property manager, is going to look at every house to determine if windows are broken, roofs are likely to be leaking, and whether A/C is intact.  Exceptions will be reported to individual homeowners where problems exist.  We will provide a general status report when the review has been completed.
  2. Electricity has been restored to most of the KWGC community, but not to all houses. In some cases transformers and electric lines from transformers to the meters on houses are damaged. In other cases damaged meter cans left dangerous exposed wiring. In both cases electricity to the homes has been disrupted and may not be repaired for some time.
  3. Non-potable water is available to most of the KWGC community, but not to all houses. The water must be boiled before it is used for drinking or cooking.  FKAA is testing the pipes and as they find areas where leaks exist, they will cut off water until the leaks have been repaired. The cutoff may affect more than one house depending on the location of the leak and could last for a long period of time.
  4. Residents (particularly on Spoonbill), the TreeMan and CAC staff, have been clearing downed tree limbs from the common areas and roads. Roads are mainly cleared but that work is not complete and cleared materials are blocking parking areas so parking is extremely limited. Haul out service has been delayed.
  5. Soon we will provide information Randy gathers on companies that can clear tree limbs on homeowner property.
  6. Only a few guards stayed in Key West during and after the storm. As they return to the Keys starting Sunday (Sept 17), guard coverage will begin with one guard at the gate during the day and expand back to normal as on-board staffing allows.  Currently Quickpass is not working because internet service is not available.
  7. Return to normal has been delayed throughout the keys because of the lack of utility services, gas and personnel. Many of the workers needed to make things happen were not able to return until Sunday (Sept 17), and many are still days away. Getting help is very hard right now because the services companies are not staffed.  At this time coming home will not enable you to find people to work on your house.
  8. If you do decide to come prepare as you would for a camping trip in a remote location. Bring in everything you would need including water, food, gas and medication.  Don’t expect to be able to purchase anything.  Access to healthcare is very limited. Two Disaster Medical Assistance Teams are covering all of the keys.  Curfews are still in place on Stock Island from dusk until dawn.

We will update you on progress as it occurs. Please have confidence that the KWGC is being brought back so it can function as quickly as our property management team, with help from volunteers and contractors, can make it happen. “Normal” conditions at KWGC and especially in the Keys outside KWGC may be years away.

Please see the website WWW.KEYSRECOVERY.ORG. That site appears to have the best compiled information from all of the various government, business and non-profit entities responsible for reporting on bringing the Keys back. Other important sites are Facebook: “Monroe County BOCC”, Facebook: “Key West Golf Club Community” and WWW.STOCKISLANDTIMES.COM.  Much of the information about Florida Keys entry procedures and times, curfews, etc.seems to change daily and sometimes more than once a day. Other sites often contain incorrect information. Even these sites sometimes contain dated information. Another source is US1 Radio 104.1. It is available by internet on Iheart Radio and similar apps.

Important Numbers

Emergency: 911
Guard House: 305.293.9863
Police (non-emergency): 305.809.1000
Management Office: 305.296.0556

Key Contacts

Property Manager Randy Niles, CAM
Operations Director Sterling Christian
President Russ Vickers
Vice President Robin Mitchell
Treasurer Steve Black
Secretary Edwin Stringfield
Director Rick Carter