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Summer Newsletter

Since the last newsletter, our Site Manager and his staff have been very busy working to improve the appearance of our community. A few highlights…

All fences on Golf Club Drive and Whistling Duck Lane have been repaired and repainted. The crew will move next to Merganser Lane. With the wet weather they have devised a plan to continue the fence work by removing sections of fence and taking them to the maintenance shop to work on them there.

Irrigation and Landscaping
The irrigation system has been completely rebuilt. Except for some zones at the lower end of Golf Club Drive, the entire system is functional. Many pipes were broken by roots and the valves and controllers were not func-tional. During the rainy season, the system will be shut down to save on the cost of water.

New sod has been installed in many bare areas including Spoonbill Way where there were more weeds than grass. Some shady areas were planted with ferns.

The Butterfly Garden canopy has been trimmed to let in more sun. The irrigation system is repaired and the pond put back in service with regular cleaning by our pool service company. Additional plantings will be added.

Power Washing Sidewalks
The staff has power washed all of sidewalks. This has taken quite a bit of time because rather than using the previous method of connecting to homes for water, valves were installed in the irrigation system. In the future the process will be faster because we will have readily available valves all over the property.

We have made good progress on basic community maintenance. In the future, we hope to continue this work and undertake some larger projects. The Board of Directors is looking at the possibility of repaving some of our streets next year. We are also discussing a plan to replace our street lighting with high-efficiency LED lights. These projects would further enhance the appearance and value of our community.

Home Inspections
The winter newsletter reported that a group of homes had been inspected and that 63% of them had maintenance violations. Since that time there has been good progress by the owners of these cited properties. So far this year, 261 homes have been inspected. Last month 46 were inspected and 23 new violation notices were sent to owners and 11 were closed out. Currently, there are only 26 open violation notices.

Hurricane Season
Hurricane season is here again and with that we must all remember that there are certain steps which should be taken to minimize storm impact. In preparation for a hurricane, you should:

  • Assemble an emergency kit and make a family communication plan.
  • Be sure trees and shrubs around your home are well trimmed so that they will be more wind resistant.
  • Clear loose and clogged rain gutters anddownspouts.
  • Bring inside all outdoor furniture, decorations, trash cans and anything else that is not tied down.

A little preparation in advance can save a lot of trouble if we have the misfortune to see hurricane force winds this season.

Dog Walking
Finally, do you walk your dog? If so, please remember to respect your neighbors and pick up and properly dispose of your dog’s droppings. We have “doggie bag” dispensers located throughout the community.

Thank you,
Russ Vickers, President KWGCHOA

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