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Fall Newsletter

We are still hard at work improving the appearance of your community.  During the past few months our maintenance crew has been very busy. They have completed several projects and are underway on others. Briefly, some of these projects include:

Sanctuary Storm Drains
There has been a persistent drainage problem in the lower sanctuary for several years. Often, after a heavy rain, flooding occurs and water can build up to several inches in depth over the street. Our Property Manager, Paul Goodnough, has been working with an engineering firm to resolve the issue. We have just signed a contract to rebuild and repair a section of the pipe where the water had pre-viously backed up. The work should be complete within a month or so.

The maintenance staff is continuing its repair and repainting of front fences. They are wrapping up the sanctuary and will be moving on to finish the last three streets – Spoonbill Way, Kestral Way and Kingfisher Lane. This project has taken more time than originally thought because of the extensive repair work that was required.

The Butterfly Garden canopy has been trimmed back to let in more sun. The irrigation system is repaired and the pond put back in service with regular cleaning by our pool service company. The beds have been re mulched with some new plantings. The only remaining work is to add stone to the walkways. I’m happy to say that the butterflies are coming back in again.

You may have noticed that our streets are looking a little greener. That is because the maintenance crew has planted 15 pallets of new sod between the sidewalks and streets. That’s more sod planted this summer that in the last three years.

Home inspections
Since last year our management company has inspected 357 homes. There are currently 21 homes with open violations, with work either open or in progress. Three of those homes are in bank hands, one was sold and the new owner promises to get the work done. The rest have asked for more time. In some instances the HOA Board has authorized the management company to go ahead and complete the work on behalf of the owners. The home inspection process has been automated with a combination of iPads and desktop computers. It is now a simple matter to do inspections in the field.

Key West Real Estate Trends
Real estate values continue strong in Key West. Based on actual sales data so far this year for residences in the Golf Club, the median home sale price was $342,250. That’s an increase of 6.2% over last year. The average price per square foot of these sales was $349. That’s good news for all of us.

Your Board of Directors has a significant responsibility in maintaining the appearance of our community and enhancing the value of all of your properties. And, we will continue to do our part. Every homeowner must do his part, as well. Take a good look at your property and do what’s necessary to make it look its best — see what needs work and make the repairs. Please help maintain the appearance and quality of our community and protect the investment we all have in the KWGC.

Thank you,
Russ Vickers, President KWGCHOA

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