This is current information on the HOA bulk rate project to replace our current Comcast cable TV with fiber internet from AT&T and programming via the DirecTV Stream “Choice” package.


In 2021 the HOA purchased the rights to our currrent bulk cable TV agreement for $3 million. That agreement with Comcast expires on February 1, 2024. The HOA evaluated new bulk rate proposals from three suppliers. Additional background information can be found in the following:

Q&A Fact Sheet April 2021: Click on the link to see detailed information about the decision to purchase the bulk Comcast agreement from the HOA developer. Over two-thirds of our owners voted to proceed with the purchase and is the basis for going forward with the project to provide internet and TV programming to all homes at the Golf Club.

Email to all owners December 2022: No long term commitments.


The current Comcast bulk service agreement provides just basic TV. If the homeowner wants additional services such as internet, they must be purchased directly from Comcast and other providers at list price. The goal is to include more bulk rate services to provide additional savings for our owners.

The target date to complete the changeover form Comcast to AT&T/DirecTV is before February 1, 2024.


The current agreement provides basic TV access via the Comcast “Digital Starter” package. That was the “standard of service” when the original Comcast contract was signed in 2004.  It does not include internet service, access to a wider variety of popular channels available today, high definition (HD) TV or DVR (digital video recorder) services.  The cost for the current Comcast agreement, which is paid through HOA dues, is roughly $35/home/month.

All owners must purchase additional service plans on their own.  An analysis of the community was recently conducted and revealed around 92% of current owners have additional plans for their respective properties. The average price for these plans is around $80/home/month, based on the analysis.


The new service is based on streaming technology via wi-fi, using high speed fiber internet brought into each home. The proposed AT&T/DirectTV agreement includes most of the options that are currently purchased separately by owners from other providers.  This new service will include internet access (300 Mbps) for $30/home/month and access to over 110 channels plus Miami network channels, regional sports networks, HD (high definiton) and a 20 hour DVR (digital video recorder). The cost for this package is $35/home/month.  Together, the cost will be $65/home/month and will be paid through HOA dues. Owners can add HBO, Showtime, Starz, etc. for an addional fee billed directly to the owner. In addition, with the new infrastructure in place, owners will be able to utilize a host of streaming apps that are now available.  

Overall, the bundled option in the new agreement should reduce homeowners’ cost for these services. In some cases, there willl be a one-time cost ($120) from DirecTV for additional TVs, and upgrades from older televisions that do not have an HDMI (high definition multimedia) input. There are also less expense options like Roku and FireStick, or if you have a late model Samsung TV the DirecTV app can be installed directly on the TV.

We understand this technology can be confusing at first, and training sessions will be held for all owners as we get into the actual rollout.


An HOA cost/dues comparison of the services this year with those projected for 2024 shows an increase in the membership fee. However, that increase is more than offset by individual homeowner savings from eliminating additional services purchased directly from Comcast or other providers

If you want to see more financial details, this is the place.


We have finished our review of the legal documents and proposed changes have been sent to AT&T and DirecTV. We expect to sign those agreements before September.

If you have a question you can email it to or and we will respond as quickly as possible.

The Cable Transistion Committee: Bryce Tyner, Russ Vickers, Will Lawson, Matt Montalto, Dave Hubbert, chair. Guided by: Amy Losek, CSI, Inc. Legal: David Rogel esq. and Pat Mehan esq.