AT&T Internet Service

Bulk billing problems?
Contact “Shika” at 708-953-8753. If she is busy, leave your contact information and she will call back. Her days off are Thursday and Sunday.

Troubleshooting Information:


  • Call AT&T at 866-299-6824 (option 1) to place your order for either the standard bulk service or upgrades. Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-8pm EST, Saturday 9am-6pm EST. Advise the AT&T sales representative you are a bulk customer at the Key West Golf Club HOA.
  • An upgrade to 1 Gb service is available for $10 per month billed directly to the homeowner. This is the only upgrade available. Contact AT&T at the phone number above to upgrade.  
  • Make a note of your installation date & billing account number (BA, or BAN#). You will need your BAN# to reference your account later.
  • A decision maker age 18 or older must be present for the duration of the installation – typically 2 hours or less.
  • Suggestion: Set your new wi-fi name and password to the old name and password to avoid updating all your devices

The DirecTV number is 866-258-8766, or if you are tech savy

  • We have a supply of DirecTV boxes for any owner that has not installed their first box. Pick up the box and the sheet that has specific information for your address at the HOA office.
  • The standard channel package from DirecTV included in the HOA monthly fees is called “Choice”. All local Miami PBS and network stations are included. See the complete “Choice” channel lineup HERE before deciding to opt for a more expensive package.
  • A list of links for installing DirecTV in your home, channel guide, and other helpful information may be found HERE. Frequently asked DirecTV questions are HERE. Televisions built prior to 2004 that do not have an HDMI (high definition multimedia input) will not be supported.
  • The DirecTV charge for each TV box after the first is $120 or $55 for a refurb. There are also other cost effective options for additional TVs. Many recent TV brands have built-in streaming capability, and there are other options like Amazon “Fire Stick”, Roku, etc. Please see the list HERE for compatible DirecTV devices. If you have a 4K TV make sure you get an adapter that supports 4K.
  • As soon as your new TV service is up and running disconnect your Comcast cable box, and return the box to either a UPS store or the Comcast Service Center at 1010 Kennedy Drive.
  • If you want to keep your Comcast based email address ( for example) after you are no longer a Comcast / Xfinity customer please see the information here.

DirecTV HELP: Follow this link for lots of DirecTV information on activation, installation, setup, channel lineup, voice control, compatible DirecTV devices, personalization, ordering additional equipment, adding apps via Google Play, troubleshooting and more!

DirecTV: Call 866-258-8766 to cancel your account. You can take your DirecTV boxes with you! To use them at your new location outside the Golf Club go to the DirecTV website and create a new account with your new address.

AT&T: Cancel your internet account by calling 866-299-6824, select option 1 and get instructions to return the old routher / modem. 

DirecTV: Get your first DirecTV box at no charge! Just follow the the instructions above to order new DirecTV service.

AT&T high speed fiber internet: Follow the instructions above for ordering AT&T internet service.