Info For All Residents

Welcome to the Key West Golf Club Community! Whether you are a new resident or not, this is a compilation of both policy and helpful suggestions to assist you with your Association needs.

Key West Golf CourseThe Key West Golf Course is a completely separate entity from the Key West Golf Club HOA.  Residents are prohibited from using the golf course as a “park” …for baby strolling, dog walking, biking, walking, running, frisbee, etc. Please understand that this is not only dangerous and a liability issue for the Golf Course and the HOA, but it is also TRESPASSING.  The Golf Course has informed us that any persons not playing golf or do not not have permission from Course staff who are found on the property will be reported to the KW Police. Please respect the property rights of the Golf Course. Please, if you see someone using the golf course for any other reason than playing golf contact the Pro Shop @ 305-294-5232.

Local Agent – We suggest establishing a relationship with a local agent to monitor your property during extended absences. Several owners who did not previously have a local agent have discovered major damages to their units which occurred while their units were vacant. The need to monitor your unit throughout the year cannot be overemphasized. The Association’s staff is responsible for maintaining the common property and is not responsible for the maintenance of individual units. Such maintenance and repairs are the sole responsibility of individual owners.

Unit Keys – Many owners have provided the Association with a copy of the key to their unit in case of emergencies and natural disasters. However, these keys are not intended to be signed out to various contractors who need to gain access to an owner’s unit to perform maintenance. Such contractors should contact your local agent to gain access to your unit.

Mail Keys – Typically during the closing of a property, the agent or seller passes all keys relating to the property; such as, house, gate, and mailbox keys to the buyer. Recently, new owners and long-term renters have approached the Association office seeking a key for their mailbox. While we have obtained some mailbox keys as an emergency spare, we do not distribute mailbox keys. If you have not obtained your mailbox number, location, or key, please contact the agent who handled the sale of your property. If you are renting your unit to a long-term tenant, be sure to supply your tenant or rental agent with all pertinent keys and information.

Pool & Fitness Center Cards – Pool & Fitness Center cards identify owners, tenants, and guests when using the association’s pools & fitness center. These cards should also be distributed at closing from prior owners to new owners. There is a $50 charge for lost cards.

Parking Spaces – Parking within the community is very limited and is restricted to two cars per unit. If you reside within The Key West Golf Club community, you must register your vehicle with the Association office. Long-term renters must also register their vehicles. To register, please bring vehicle registration and vehicle to the association office at 74 Golf Club Drive, where a decal & transponder will be issued. Owners who rent a vehicle while in town or short-term renters with a vehicle need to obtain a temporary parking pass from our office. Vehicle size is limited to 20 feet in length and 80 inches wide. Also, remember that boats, trailers, RV’s, wave runners, etc. are not allowed within the Key West Golf Club community. You should make arrangements to park these items elsewhere. There are 12 leased parking spaces from the Key West Golf Course that are to be used as short term overnight parking.

Architectural Approval – Owners who desire to make changes to the exterior of their home should remember that requests for any changes, including exterior paint color and the addition of any items such as awnings or screen doors, need to be submitted to and approved by the Association. All requests must be in writing. You can start the process by going to the Architectural Request Form.

Pet Registration – The Board of Directors has also approved the implementation of a pet registration program. All pets within the Key West Golf Club must be registered with the administrative office by completing the approved Pet Registration Application. If you (or your tenant) have a pet, please register it today. Max 2 pets per home.

Rule Booklet – A booklet entitled “Owners Handbook and Association Rules & Regulations” is here on this website. Please review it from cover to cover to find information on anything from important phone numbers to our rules and regulations.

Disposal of Large Items and Debris – Individual homeowners or their contractors are not allowed to use the association dumpster for their yard waste. It is a good idea to advise your contractor ahead of time that he is responsible for removing the waste from the property. Homeowners doing their own landscaping must remove their waste themselves or call a hauling service. When replacing carpeting, appliances, cabinets etc., the same logic applies, and many of these requests are to be handled by Waste Management. We simply are not equipped for dealing with such large items any other way.

Package Deliveries – If you anticipate receiving packages at your home in The Key West Golf Club community during your absence, we understand that sending packages to the Association office seems like a logical alternative. However, with 390 residences, we are not equipped to handle this type of service and are unable to accept any packages or mail. Some alternatives you may consider are:

  • Contact a neighbor who is currently in town and send the package to their address,
  • Have the package sent to your address a day or two after your planned arrival to ensure that it will arrive after you, or
  • Have packages sent to the agent that monitors your unit during your absence.

Address Update – To enable us to better serve your association needs, please take a few minutes to complete the online Address Update form so that we can update our records. Another option is to print and fax this form to us at 305.293.0251 or scan and email it to or you may mail it to us at 305 Whitehead Street, Key West, FL 33040.

Rental Of Your Unit – If you plan to rent your unit, the lease agreement between you and your tenant must be registered at the Association office whether you use an agent or lease directly. Your tenant will not be able to obtain parking stickers until this has been done. Be aware that tenants are subject to the same rules and regulations of the Association as homeowners. The lease agreement between you and the tenant must include a “Crime-Free, Drug Free” addendum, must state that the Association has the right to terminate the lease for tenant’s failure to comply with the Association’s rules and regulations, and must state that the Association has the right to collect rent to apply against unpaid Association assessments and fees. Please obtain a “Lease Approval” packet from the Association office for details. (see FORMS on this website)

Outdoor Grilling – Fire is a major concern in our community. Please remember that charcoal, wood, pellets, etc. grills are prohibited. Gas & electric grills are permitted as long as they are not on porches or decks. Tiki torches are prohibited. Any exterior grill, when not in use, needs to be covered. If you are renting your house or have family and friends visiting, please let them know. Note: If you see anyone using a charcoal / wood grill, please report it to security 305-293-9863.

Security – Members of our staff are available to help homeowners with issues such as parking and violations of homeowner bylaws. The Security Staff can be reached at the guard house at 305.293.9863. Suspected criminal activity should be immediately directed to the Key West Police Department by dialing 911 or the department’s non-emergency number 305.809.1111, followed by a call to KWGC HOA Security.